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P-Putter: the golf club to measure yourself on the green!

It is well known: every golf player aspires to improve his score but one of the most delicate obstacles to overcome is the putting phase, which alone accounts for 50% of the score.

With this need in mind, P-Putter was born. Thanks to an innovative and extremely precise system, it supports the golf player in the difficulties on the putting green.

P-Putter is obtained Italian Patent No. 102021000002852.

P-Putter is a hybrid putter that combines the precision typical of the blade putter with the stability of the mallet putter. It has the shape of a P and it is unbalanced on the distal portion with a ratio, compared to the proximal, of approximately 2:1 (unlike other putters on the market).

Interacting with the golf player, the P-Putter constructs the ideal shot based on the incorporation of the principles of dynamics and the factors adverse to the successful execution of a putting stroke such as the movement of hands and wrists, the correct assessment of the distance between the ball and the hole, and the force exerted through the club to correctly align the putter in the right direction.

The revolution is the way of looking at the putter by distorting its point of view: it is no longer the putter that depends on the player but the player that depends on the putter.

The P-Putter is based on in-depth application tests that have shown how, through the distal unbalance of the putter head’s weight, the golf player counteracts this force by applying one of his own, equal and opposite, thus achieving a balancing moment of inertia equal to or close to zero, positioned in the centre of the stroke.

In practice, the necessity grip that blocks the movement of hands and wrists in a natural way aligns the putter to hit the golf ball in the desired spot, increasing the accuracy of the shot.

This condition also it allows the golf player to concentrate solely on the direction of the shot without considering other disturbing elements such as anxiety and stress.

The P-Putter has an anti-stress logo in its rear portion with the aim of maintaining calmness and concentration, which are necessary for a successful put.

The loft is 3.3° to overcome the initial friction of the ball, allowing it to roll more efficiently.

The 30-degree bevel across the lower edge of the swing face ensures that the putting action is not interrupted, avoiding unpleasant fat shot!

The graphics are designed to allow the golf player to subjectively measure the force required to cover a given distance. The measurement can be obtained by reading the engravings on a graduated scale on the upper portion of the putter head, leading towards the point of impact of the ball.

While performing the swing, following the ladder with the eyes, the golf player will obtain an amplitude of movement corresponding to a force necessary to cover a certain distance. The more the golf player trains and becomes familiar with the gesture, the more the accuracy will increase and, therefore, the achievement of the result.The simplicity and effectiveness of use also help to acquire physical and emotional confidence.

Finally, the semi-circular shape ensures limited eye and head movement, preventing trajectory errors. The graduated scale, designed on the helical ramp, allows for correct reading geometry without perspective distortion.

The P-Putter is CNC machined from 6082 aluminium alloy, which guarantees excellent workability and the ability to be anodised by electrolysis.

The protective thickness varies between 18/25 microns (8 times stronger than untreated metal) and the Putter is subsequently treated with an anti-reflection coating.

In terms of quality, every single piece is assembled and finished by hand; before being approved, it is laser-checked and manually tested.

Attached to each P-Putter is a laser-engraved aluminium fidelity card containing product data that uniquely identifies the product and authorises its warranty. The card also entitles the holder to exclusive demo-fittings and practical demonstrations of use.

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