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TETRAGRAM P Putter r 1

TETRAGRAM® was founded in March 2022 in Italy from Fabrizio Giusti‘s ten-year passion for golf. He decided to focus his efforts in finalizing an innovative golf club patent an innovative golf putter that proposes a new vision of playing on the green.
It gets its name from its P-shape: P-Putter.

Tetragram® , in the person of Fabrizio Giusti, obtains Italian patent No. 102021000002852 of the P-PUTTER, (golf club of the putter type with modified head).
Another target that completes the commitment and validity of an innovative and revolutionary product, made in ITALY.


Tetragram P-Putter: the only hybrid and unbalanced putter.

Tetragram PPutter is a hybrid putter that combines the typical precision of the blade putter with the stability of the mallet putter.
It is intentionally unbalanced because the opposing force determines the accuracy of the shot to be made. The innovation lies in the interaction of forces that is created.


How does the golf club that will revolutionise your putting work?

PPutter builds the ideal shot by interacting with the player: it is no longer the putter that depends on player; what wins is the exclusive link between the object and the golf player.
Its particular P -shape forces the golf player to counterbalance the weight, so that correct alignment is achieved naturally, avoiding hand and wrist movement and maintaining the predetermined trajectory.
Through the graduated scale, the P-Putter is able to evaluate the distance between the ball and the hole, giving the golf player confidence and piece of mind: these are the conditions necessary to make your put, also reinforced by the embossed stress-relief logo on the rear portion.


What other putter on the market can do all this?